I am an Innovator. I am an Educator.

I used that title because of the deep, truth there is to just eight simple words, explained by George from The principle of Change, Stories of learning and leading!

I learned that to become an innovative teacher, first I need to come up with new, unusual, creative thinking methods. And by doing that I need to stay in touch with all of the new and growing technology. In this class I have learned so much, from pod casts, twitter (I was very new to that),  my daily creates, this blog post, network sharing, to the safeties of the internet as well (digital citizenship).

“I am an innovative learner and I will continue to ask “What is best for learners?” (The Principal of Change, stories of learning and leading, April 13, 2015 by George Couros)

As a teacher, I will continue to ask myself and other educators that same question. Also as a teacher I will also keep in mind that we are not only the teachers, but our students are our teachers as well. With being a parent and working in the education field, I have unlearned that we are not just the teachers, but we are also the nurse, counselor, parent, educator, learner, and friend  as well as many other traits.

As stated in The Steep “Unlearning Curve”, “We have to unlearn the comforts of four wall that we’ve become accustomed to.” That our classroom is not just four walls and an 8-4 job, then we are done. That our classroom is about so much more than that.

As an innovative teacher and learner, and with the kids now days knowing more about technology than I do, I am going to have to “step-up my game” with new and innovative ideas, and by doing so I am going to have to unlearn the ways I was taught as a child, and re-learn the ways that the kids learn now!

So where will I go from here? I will continue with my education and become the best, innovative, unlearning teacher that I can be to my students and to other educators.



3 thoughts on “I am an Innovator. I am an Educator.

  1. I love this blog! Being in the classroom you can see how changing things up as a teacher can benefit the class and yourself. I think that we have to try new things. I think that part of being a great teacher is that we are willing to keep learning how to make students more successful all the time!


  2. This was a great post! I love that you mentioned that we don’t have an 8-4 job. Many people assume teachers are 8-4 babysitters and have three free months in the summer. This is so wrong though! We are constantly working outside of the school and in the summer to make our classrooms the best that they can be for our students! I also like how you talked about how teachers are parents, friends, etc. Many times we are the only person that is around for these children!

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  3. I enjoyed reading this post and the section where you mention unlearning in order to relearn in a more innovative way got me thinking. I agree with this thought, to a certain extent. If we keep our memories and lessons of ways we learned within walls, then we have the extra knowledge of understanding exactly what no to do or how to adjust the methods we were taught with to allow for more innovations. I do agree that we need to release our grip on only traditional methods, but not forget the imprints they leave.


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