Mindfully Journal!

Keeping a journal of my thoughts and actions while participating in the social media, well… That was kind of difficult for me. For one I had to actually pay attention to my thoughts and what works and what doesn’t work for me on social media or any type of internet exploring. I think us as a society, we are just way to comfortable on the internet, that we really do not pay attention to OURSELVES anymore. We are so consumed with what everyone else thinks and how they are feeling that we have lost ourselves in the process. Well… That is how I feel anyways! I would love to just shut off Facebook for a little while, just to regroup.

I started my journal on Monday July 18th and stopped today the 22nd. As I am laying on my bed first thing in the morning I grab my phone, you know… I just had to know what everyone was doing on Facebook, and then when that got old I switched to my game, which by the way I am on level 295! Not really something to brag about, since I have been playing it everyday for about 4 months now:( as I die for the 5th time), it only gives you 5 lives at a time, then you have to wait 45 minutes before you can play again. Next I check my daily creates and I download that onto my Twitter account. Then I go back to Facebook for a few minutes before I actually get out of bed. That sounds pretty sad now that I have typed it out! When I am in the kitchen (torture chamber) that is when I sit down to complete my homework for the day, I have to have no noise, just me my mind and the computer. Although my phone is right next to me, and it occasionally goes off with a Facebook notification, or my lives have refilled for my game, or maybe even a text or phone call, and of course I need to respond to them right away. I think I would really benefit from turning at least Facebook off for awhile, and maybe even my game. As I am sitting at the lake with my friends and kids, I look around and notice that almost everyone is on some sort of gadget technology and I think WOW, how sad that everyone is so consumed in the lives of everyone else that they cannot stop for an afternoon to enjoy the company of the people who really matter in their lives. I know that I would really benefit from shutting off Facebook and/or my game for a little while and just get back to enjoying life!




4 thoughts on “Mindfully Journal!

  1. The first couple days were a bit challenging for me to really take notice and reflect on my feelings, actions, and time spent online. Once I got it down, I actually enjoyed it. I’d agree with you that sometimes society just seems so overtaken with technology and devices. Facebook definitely is a time- eater!


  2. Melody,
    I agree it is sad when you look around and see everyone on their digital devices. It makes people really unapproachable and we lose that connection that we could have with those who are close to us. I think that is so sad because people pass away, kids grow up and move, but the digital devices they will always be around. Yet they are the ones who get all the attention. I really admire parents who push their kids to use their minds to entertain themselves rather than depending on digital devices.


  3. I completely agree that we are entirely too comfortable online as a society. What I read from your morning routine with your technology, I can relate. While I do not have a game that I play on my phone, I do feel the need to check Timehop, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Maybe you can at least shut off the notifications for Facebook..? I have them off on my phone and I like not havng those additional reminders going off. Nice post!


  4. Even if I wake up during the middle of the night I feel obligated to check my phone incase I got a notification (and for the time). But it’s crazy how we live our lives according to the emails, texts, snapchats, and notifications. The internet has become our “safe place”. We have become too comfortable with it, because instead of standing in a line and talking to the person behind us, we’d rather pull out our phone and go to our comfort zone. Thanks for all of your thoughts… so similar to mine and my experience with my logging.

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