Finale Old Clunkers…

6ff83b43-9fe0-4a99-98d6-e9ce39f617cbWell… Here we are again, discussing my camper and how well it is running! Since the last time, we have put better gas in it, a cleaner called “Heat” to clean out the lines and gas and such… we have fixed the brake line, it was making some type of weird air-like noise. But we still need to fix the idle on it. It kind of idles low, but I did google that and it seems like an easy fix, with just a screw driver. But… you need to know how much and what direction to turn the screw driver. So I am going to have someone help me with that.

I have really enjoyed my camper and learning new things about it. Taking this class really motivated me into learning the things that I wanted to learn about my camper and possibly other older vehicles as well. I still have A LOT to learn, but I believe that I am on the right track, and knowing that I did fix some stuff has me realizing that as long as you put your mind and body into it, that anything is possible.

I cannot wait until I can finish this project to completion and start on a new one. It is so rewarding when you accomplish something. I just have to keep in mind “One thing at a time.”

We have taken my camper out camping a few times, so I put together a collage of some of my friends a family members. We had such a blast. It is so much fun to actually have a camper to camp in instead of a tent!



2 thoughts on “Finale Old Clunkers…

  1. Your blog has been so fun to follow and I LOVE seeing your pictures. What great memories you are making. Stories to tell your grandkids some day. I think that it is really neat that you have put your own hard work and sweat into making the camper yours and running. It may be an “old clunker” but it is your old clunker that you get to feel proud of.


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