Digital Mindfulness?!

Do we, as a society need to slow down on using technology so much? Is it affecting our everyday life? Is technology coming between our time spent with our loved ones? Is technology as useful and helpful as we portray it to be?

These are all very important questions that we need to ask ourselves! One question that I ask myself, or actually tell myself is, “When is enough, enough, on social media?” Sometimes I will sit down and start on Facebook, then realize it has been two hours and my phone is almost dead, I haven’t accomplished much of anything for the day. What if everyone just turned off social media for a whole month, or even just a week? I think back to when I was a child growing up, there was no social media, no electronics, and no internet that we could afford anyways. I remember, we would ride our bicycles all over town and we just knew it was time for supper, to come home, or the street lights are on it is time to go home for the night. We didn’t have all of this cyber bullying, and googling all of this non-sense. If we wanted to find out information or look something up, we had to go to the library and do it. Life seemed a lot simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the internet is very helpful, we have came along way in technology and being able to perform things so much easier. For example… Emails, text messages, Facebook, twitter, podcasts, etc… With all of that technology we are able to communicate with just a touch of a button. But it can be over whelming at times, especially when you open your email and have over 1,000 notifications. Just like Paul Miller stated in his TED Talk, “Just read and delete as you go, or skim through and place stars by the important ones and delete the rest.” And maybe give yourself a time limit everyday on how much digital technology you can be on. This course has taught me so many other helpful ways I could use technology in my classrooms, and to teach my students the pros and cons in the technology world!



2 thoughts on “Digital Mindfulness?!

  1. Paul’s story was very interesting to listen to. I am not sure I could completely unplug for technology like he did for a year. It would be really hard. I feel like it is a way my extended family and I use to stay connected. I guess we could go back to phone conversations, it would be really hard to not get instant updates on my nieces and nephews lives though.


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