Digital Citizenship!!

Digital Citizenship… Every week I learn a new definition of a word, that I have already been using in my everyday life. For example… This week is Digital Citizenship, which means basically the guidelines for responsible appropriate behavior when you are using technology. Here are 9 themes of digital citizenship…

  • Digital Access: The use and having access of technology. We need to remember that not everyone has access, therefore we as teachers will need to provide other resources.
  • Digital Commerce: Learning how to be effective consumers in the new digital economy. When buying, selling, and exchanging goods through these sites, just make sure they are legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring.
  • Digital Communication: Teaching and learning the safety of digital communication with other people. The choices of technologies are expanding across the world.
  • Digital Literacy: Being able to search, find, and learn about information right away. Learners must be taught to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.
  • Digital Etiquette: We must teach everyone to become responsible digital citizens in this new technology society.
  • Digital Law: Teaching society about the laws of identity theft, stealing, plagiarizing, adding a virus, hacking, and so on…
  • Digital Rights and responsibilities: Which means  the right to privacy, free speech etc… But also teaching the responsibility of that as well.
  • Digital Health and Wellness : Which means the protection of your eyes, stress syndrome, and sounds are something that you need to be careful while using technology. Because it can be very addicting.
  • Digital Security (self protection): By having a virus protection plan, data backups, and surge control on our technology.

“Installing ethical behavior… Ought to be our number one concern.”

(Prensky 2010)

When using, teaching, or being taught digital citizenship always remember safety first as the key before entering the technology world in today’s society!! I have learned just by having kids myself, that there are so may viruses and scammers out there, and the kids just need to remember not to click on every add out there and to not talk to people that you do not know.

This video below is a very easy and kid friendly tutorial on digital citizenship, Please check it out!



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