Old Clunkers Continued…

Well… Here we are again, my R.V. It is running a lot better, we took it our camping last weekend and I put better gas in it, apparently you cannot run ethanol gas in old cars, I also found that out on google (my best friend).

So anyways.. I ran regular gas in it and I also put a cleaner in it called HEAT. So that it can clean out any water residue and clean out the pipes and hoses of the ethanol gas. My Mom has been doing more interior work on the inside, which is making our camper look and feel like a mini-home. I love it!! I would rather have an old R.V. that we can say we have worked so hard on than a newer one that does not have our own personal touch to.

Oh yeah.. I also replaced the distributor cap on it, but I accidentally put the spark plugs in the wrong spot, OOPS… So we had to buy a new distributor cap and rotor because it ruined that one. But it is a learning process so now I know how to do that correctly (on my 1978 camper anyways). It’s probably different on other old vehicles in some aspect, but I would think it is sort of similar as well.

Anyways… Here are some pictures of the inside, my Mom is so talented to, I did help her a little. We put in a new floor, curtains, re-upholstered all of the furniture and painted as well.


4 thoughts on “Old Clunkers Continued…

  1. The inside is looking great, I love the black and white tiles. It sounds like you learned a lot this week and were able to learn from some mistakes as well. I am excited to hear more about this is future weeks. Keep up the great work!


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