Old clunkersđźš—

20160617_151944One thing that I have always been interested in is old vehicles! I have always wanted to learn to work on them and possibly fix them.

Growing up my Dad was a mechanic, he was always out in the garage working on his old-rusty impala. I was always intruiged by the stuff he was doing to it, most importantly was the grin on his face after he got it started.

My grandpa (mind you he was blind) was also a great mechanic, and has more patience with me “messing” with tools than my Dad did. I always thought “if my grandpa can fix cars blind, then I should be able to” it’s not as easy as they made it seem though.

Recently I bought at old 1978 rv, it ran (sort of) when I bought it. Just not very good. Google is and has been my best friend! It’s starting to run a lot better, it just has a few “hacks” that need worked on. It has been frustrating, but I have faith that I can get it running smoothly in no-time. And keep learning!


8 thoughts on “Old clunkersđźš—

  1. This is such a cool project! My son is really interested in cars, and I’ve learned a lot as I support his interest. That’s amazing that your grandpa was blind and an amazing mechanic! Youtube is my best friend for learning everything–astonishing how generous people are in sharing their knowledge and skills. You can find out how to do just about everything.


    • Thank you! It sure takes a lot of patience when trying to learn something new, and that is something I guess I am trying to learn as well. I do get very frustrated, but the outcome of actually succeeding is worth it.


  2. This is such a cool project!! Do you plan on redoing the inside of it too, or are just planning on fixing the way it runs? If it’s already starting to run better, I have faith that you can have it running smoothly in no-time!! Good luck! Can’t wait to see how this turns out for you!


    • Thank you and yes we have re done the inside to with new checker flooring and new paint and upholstery, but my Mom has done most of that, that’s kind of more her thing. I’ll have to take pics of the inside and post them to. But I really want my next project to be a volts wagon beetle, hopefully:)


    • Yes we have already been working on the inside (that is more of my Mom’s project though) She does have it looking amazing, I should have taken a picture of the before inside look first, then you can see all of the hard work she has been doing.


  3. I love this idea! My grandpa and boyfriends dad are old car collectors. They probably have 10 old cars that they show boat around this little old town. They are very cool and I hope that you get yours running smooth! This is a great idea!


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