Stress Management

Ted Talk: How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed. This video stuck out like a “sore thumb to me” I am Stressed!! As I am sure all of you are as well, while taking 4-6 week on line classes, all the while still dealing with everyday life trivias.

One thing that I learned from this video that he explains is to think ahead of time! He talks about going to the Doctor and waiting for results if you are sick. And to think ahead, say okay.. maybe you are going to find something serious out about your health condition, do your research on it first, that way you know, yes.. I do want this procedure or no, there is side effects that I’m not willing to risk. Because let’s face it, when dealing with a stressful matter, our minds are “cloudy” and we are not thinking straight anyways, so think ahead… as it might sound hard, like how could you think ahead on a matter like that? But really, it is not that difficult. For instance if you are being run “ragged” or getting torn in every different direction and have a million places to go and do, think ahead so that you do not loose anything in the process, set aside a designated items for lost things, as Daniel Levitin states, for example always put your keys in the same place, make copies on your cloud of important documents… among the many different options. Only you would know where would be an “organized” spot for you.


3 thoughts on “Stress Management

  1. I really needed to read this today! I am starting to feel the stress. I usually do not have a hard time keeping track of things, but I do lose sleep worrying! Organization is my thing, but overthinking and worrying really get the best of me.


  2. I enjoyed this video, but was the drug facts he produced extremely scary and widely unknown to the general public or what?!?! I agree with him to have a spot for your keys and in your house, but my problem is actually keeping my keys there (I’m extremely unorganized) I will keep in mind that our minds get cloudy in stressful situations and plan accordingly, thanks for the share!


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