Make/Hack/Play in Education

Screenshot_20160613-180615fter reading Bud Hunt’s blog post- Centering on Essential Lenses, Make/hack/play, I learned that hacking actually forms from hacking into your inner self, and finding out what works for you as a teacher and as a student. For example, say you are trying to put together a certain project for your students as a teacher, and it is just not working out how you would like it to, then you just kind of tinker or “hack” with the project so that it works for your project. So you start out making it, and then you move onto hacking it a little or a lot, then finally you get the chance to “play” with it. Whether that means to demonstrate, perform or enjoying the great project that you put together.

“Hackschooling makes me happy” by Logan LaPlante, That is a much needed video to watch. That kid taught me a lot, as a mother of two I do ask my children “What do you want to be when you grow up” and the real answer should and does lie in “just being happy” if our kids and even ourselves are happy, then that is better than any successful high paying job. If you are happy, and content with who you are as a person, nothing else should matter.


2 thoughts on “Make/Hack/Play in Education

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I love hacking as a metaphor and practice for what we do as teachers (and parents, for that matter!). I am constantly tinkering with my classes, and it gives me great pleasure to try to find better ways of doing things.

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