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Old Clunkers Continued…

Well… Here we are again, my R.V. It is running a lot better, we took it our camping last weekend and I put better gas in it, apparently you cannot run ethanol gas in old cars, I also found that out on google (my best friend).

So anyways.. I ran regular gas in it and I also put a cleaner in it called HEAT. So that it can clean out any water residue and clean out the pipes and hoses of the ethanol gas. My Mom has been doing more interior work on the inside, which is making our camper look and feel like a mini-home. I love it!! I would rather have an old R.V. that we can say we have worked so hard on than a newer one that does not have our own personal touch to.

Oh yeah.. I also replaced the distributor cap on it, but I accidentally put the spark plugs in the wrong spot, OOPS… So we had to buy a new distributor cap and rotor because it ruined that one. But it is a learning process so now I know how to do that correctly (on my 1978 camper anyways). It’s probably different on other old vehicles in some aspect, but I would think it is sort of similar as well.

Anyways… Here are some pictures of the inside, my Mom is so talented to, I did help her a little. We put in a new floor, curtains, re-upholstered all of the furniture and painted as well.

Digital Storytelling!

Digital storytelling… Real life stories that ordinary people create using digital tools. It is a unique and fun way to explain the information that you are trying to get across to your students. It is a FUN way to get your students interested in “said” subject/assignment. And having your students design their own ds 106 helps them to better understand as well…

The way that I understood it was to give your students an assignment, like say “forensics” and then they create a short 10-12 minute story (kind of like a short movie” that explains forensics or whatever subject you choose. Here are some things that you will be learning about while creating your ds 106…

  • Develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creating self-expressions.
  • Frame a digital identity wherein you become both a practitioner in and interrogator of various new modes of networking.
  • Critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies as emergent narrative forms and genres. (http://ds106.us/about/)

You or your students will experiment in framing a narrative in telling your own story by audio, visual, writing, drawing and photography. Digital storytelling sounds so fun and adventurous, but VERY time consuming. Some advise given by students would be… (don’t hold back, be as creative as you can, time management, be adventurous, have fun, think about the whole process, you will also learn a lot of new technology and how much it can do, and last but on least, which is my favorite saying in learning about ds106 is… BE IN DS106 TO DO DS106!!


just do work




Expanding my PLN!!

One thing that I really enjoy in my own networks are that it is mine and I have the power of feeding my own PLN and taking away unnecessary junk that is not helping me in any way. I have gotten so much useful information just from my twitter account and my blog page!

I love the fact as I’m scrolling through twitter, I see a post that someone else tweeted and I can just go there page and start following them. Its so simple to get ideas from other individuals that could help me in my classroom as a teacher.

Another thing that I did not realize is my PLN does not just have to consist of technology as my only learning network. I have ran into a lot of teachers, (mainly since I started college) that give me so many pointers and helpful hints. That I have even passed along to other college students as well. Screenshot_20160428-085231.png

Personal Learning Network?

PLN?? Hmm… What is PLN? Well… as I did a lot of research, come to find out it is not as complicated as I was making it seem to be. My definition of Personal Learning Network is just doing research in finding the information that you are trying to inquire about. There are so many teachers/colleagues/students etc.. that have the answers or that might have questions that you would possibly have the answers to.

If you think about it, we probably all belong to some sort of PLN, if you belong to Facebook, Twitter, any type of social media, then you are part of a PLN. As stated by Kate Klingensmith on her blog page, here are six learning aspects by being part of PLN:

  • Professional development- Learn from content-area specialists.
  • Locate resources for your classroom, such as free websites and software.
  • Get lesson plan ideas from master teachers.
  • Learn about new technology and how to integrate it into your teaching.
  • Find collaborative solutions.
  • Find interesting links to education news.

The only thing that you really need to do is do some research on whatever it is that you need information about. I have already linked to all kinds of information about Special Education (since that’s what field I am going into) through this blog post, twitter and facebook so far. The good thing about all of this new and expanding technology (web 2.0 tools) is that you are only 1 click away from expanding your knowledge on ‘said’ information.




Old clunkers🚗

20160617_151944One thing that I have always been interested in is old vehicles! I have always wanted to learn to work on them and possibly fix them.

Growing up my Dad was a mechanic, he was always out in the garage working on his old-rusty impala. I was always intruiged by the stuff he was doing to it, most importantly was the grin on his face after he got it started.

My grandpa (mind you he was blind) was also a great mechanic, and has more patience with me “messing” with tools than my Dad did. I always thought “if my grandpa can fix cars blind, then I should be able to” it’s not as easy as they made it seem though.

Recently I bought at old 1978 rv, it ran (sort of) when I bought it. Just not very good. Google is and has been my best friend! It’s starting to run a lot better, it just has a few “hacks” that need worked on. It has been frustrating, but I have faith that I can get it running smoothly in no-time. And keep learning!

Stress Management

Ted Talk: How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed. This video stuck out like a “sore thumb to me” I am Stressed!! As I am sure all of you are as well, while taking 4-6 week on line classes, all the while still dealing with everyday life trivias.

One thing that I learned from this video that he explains is to think ahead of time! He talks about going to the Doctor and waiting for results if you are sick. And to think ahead, say okay.. maybe you are going to find something serious out about your health condition, do your research on it first, that way you know, yes.. I do want this procedure or no, there is side effects that I’m not willing to risk. Because let’s face it, when dealing with a stressful matter, our minds are “cloudy” and we are not thinking straight anyways, so think ahead… as it might sound hard, like how could you think ahead on a matter like that? But really, it is not that difficult. For instance if you are being run “ragged” or getting torn in every different direction and have a million places to go and do, think ahead so that you do not loose anything in the process, set aside a designated items for lost things, as Daniel Levitin states, for example always put your keys in the same place, make copies on your cloud of important documents… among the many different options. Only you would know where would be an “organized” spot for you.

Make/Hack/Play in Education

Screenshot_20160613-180615fter reading Bud Hunt’s blog post- Centering on Essential Lenses, Make/hack/play, I learned that hacking actually forms from hacking into your inner self, and finding out what works for you as a teacher and as a student. For example, say you are trying to put together a certain project for your students as a teacher, and it is just not working out how you would like it to, then you just kind of tinker or “hack” with the project so that it works for your project. So you start out making it, and then you move onto hacking it a little or a lot, then finally you get the chance to “play” with it. Whether that means to demonstrate, perform or enjoying the great project that you put together.

“Hackschooling makes me happy” by Logan LaPlante, That is a much needed video to watch. That kid taught me a lot, as a mother of two I do ask my children “What do you want to be when you grow up” and the real answer should and does lie in “just being happy” if our kids and even ourselves are happy, then that is better than any successful high paying job. If you are happy, and content with who you are as a person, nothing else should matter.

New Age of Technology

As stated by Paul Gilster “Digital Literacy is the ability to understand information and -more importantly- to evaluate and integrate information in multiple formats that the computer can deliver. Being able to evaluate and interpret information is critical […] you can’t understand information you find on the internet without evaluating its sources and placing it in context.” (https://cleach.wordpress.com)

I believe our obligation to our students is to teach them the learning techniques of technology, not just the games and social media, that almost every child is very familiar with. We also need to instruct them on what sites to avoid and what sites can be the most helpful in learning and informational. Which I, myself am still learning. Because lets face it, today, almost every child has some type of digital device. Us as adults need to be more informative on what sites our children are involved in.Technology is changing so rapidly and new information is added on a daily basis.



Coming up

20160524_172216Well I would first like to say that I am new to this blog thing. But I am slowly getting it figured out. I am a single mother of two amazing teenagers. My oldest who is my daughter and will be turning 16 in only a few short months, and my son who is 14, going on 25! Everything that I do in life is for them two. I am attending college at Chadron State College, I am just starting my Bachelors degree in education. I started out as a para at an elementary school for special needs children, and absolutely loved it. So with that being said that is my passion, and that was my turning point of starting a whole new journey in life and going back to school after being out for 15 years. In my time as a college student, I have had some amazing teachers/mentors that have helped/ pushed me along the way. Without them I probably would have thrown in the towel and quit. And believe me there were plenty of times that I wanted to. But what would that show to my children? To just give up! I want to teach them that no matter how difficult life can be that giving up is not an option! And that the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than you have ever even imagined it to be. Me as a single Mother, I have worked a lot of “dead end jobs” and was just getting tired of “making ends meet” and wanted a better life for my kids and I. Yeah it has been a struggle and still is, but I do know that it will be worth every little bit of it!