I am an Innovator. I am an Educator.

I used that title because of the deep, truth there is to just eight simple words, explained by George from The principle of Change, Stories of learning and leading!

I learned that to become an innovative teacher, first I need to come up with new, unusual, creative thinking methods. And by doing that I need to stay in touch with all of the new and growing technology. In this class I have learned so much, from pod casts, twitter (I was very new to that),  my daily creates, this blog post, network sharing, to the safeties of the internet as well (digital citizenship).

“I am an innovative learner and I will continue to ask “What is best for learners?” (The Principal of Change, stories of learning and leading, April 13, 2015 by George Couros)

As a teacher, I will continue to ask myself and other educators that same question. Also as a teacher I will also keep in mind that we are not only the teachers, but our students are our teachers as well. With being a parent and working in the education field, I have unlearned that we are not just the teachers, but we are also the nurse, counselor, parent, educator, learner, and friend  as well as many other traits.

As stated in The Steep “Unlearning Curve”, “We have to unlearn the comforts of four wall that we’ve become accustomed to.” That our classroom is not just four walls and an 8-4 job, then we are done. That our classroom is about so much more than that.

As an innovative teacher and learner, and with the kids now days knowing more about technology than I do, I am going to have to “step-up my game” with new and innovative ideas, and by doing so I am going to have to unlearn the ways I was taught as a child, and re-learn the ways that the kids learn now!

So where will I go from here? I will continue with my education and become the best, innovative, unlearning teacher that I can be to my students and to other educators.




Ever since I was a little kids, I want to say in elementary, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have had some really special/unique teachers/mentors growing up. It wasn’t until recently that I chose special education.

I was a para educator at an elementary school, part time special education and part time 2nd grade para. That is when I realized what I wanted to be when I grow up! It has taken me some time to figure it out, but I did and that is when I went into education. And I absolutely love it. There is no better fulfillment to me than to help children that are less capable.

The graphic/visual that I chose to use was the canva. I chose this one for my teaching because it has a lot of templates to choose from. It is a really easy site where if I was to have my students use this in the classroom, they could use the templates given and design there own book covers, quotes, posters, resumes, letterheads, etc… The list goes on! So to me this is a really good tool in learning and designing.

I chose to use the inspirational quote about teaching, I might even make it into a poster and display it on my wall in my classroom. It was really simple to just go on the site pick which background, and type whatever I wanted it to say. You can even pick the color, size of font and the size that you want your design to be. The thing that was challenging for me was getting my design to embed in this blog post.


Here is the Canva tool that I chose to use, I really had a lot of fun with it, and am excited to get more familiar with the site and create other graphic designs as well.


Mindfully Journal!

Keeping a journal of my thoughts and actions while participating in the social media, well… That was kind of difficult for me. For one I had to actually pay attention to my thoughts and what works and what doesn’t work for me on social media or any type of internet exploring. I think us as a society, we are just way to comfortable on the internet, that we really do not pay attention to OURSELVES anymore. We are so consumed with what everyone else thinks and how they are feeling that we have lost ourselves in the process. Well… That is how I feel anyways! I would love to just shut off Facebook for a little while, just to regroup.

I started my journal on Monday July 18th and stopped today the 22nd. As I am laying on my bed first thing in the morning I grab my phone, you know… I just had to know what everyone was doing on Facebook, and then when that got old I switched to my game, which by the way I am on level 295! Not really something to brag about, since I have been playing it everyday for about 4 months now:( as I die for the 5th time), it only gives you 5 lives at a time, then you have to wait 45 minutes before you can play again. Next I check my daily creates and I download that onto my Twitter account. Then I go back to Facebook for a few minutes before I actually get out of bed. That sounds pretty sad now that I have typed it out! When I am in the kitchen (torture chamber) that is when I sit down to complete my homework for the day, I have to have no noise, just me my mind and the computer. Although my phone is right next to me, and it occasionally goes off with a Facebook notification, or my lives have refilled for my game, or maybe even a text or phone call, and of course I need to respond to them right away. I think I would really benefit from turning at least Facebook off for awhile, and maybe even my game. As I am sitting at the lake with my friends and kids, I look around and notice that almost everyone is on some sort of gadget technology and I think WOW, how sad that everyone is so consumed in the lives of everyone else that they cannot stop for an afternoon to enjoy the company of the people who really matter in their lives. I know that I would really benefit from shutting off Facebook and/or my game for a little while and just get back to enjoying life!



Finale Old Clunkers…

6ff83b43-9fe0-4a99-98d6-e9ce39f617cbWell… Here we are again, discussing my camper and how well it is running! Since the last time, we have put better gas in it, a cleaner called “Heat” to clean out the lines and gas and such… we have fixed the brake line, it was making some type of weird air-like noise. But we still need to fix the idle on it. It kind of idles low, but I did google that and it seems like an easy fix, with just a screw driver. But… you need to know how much and what direction to turn the screw driver. So I am going to have someone help me with that.

I have really enjoyed my camper and learning new things about it. Taking this class really motivated me into learning the things that I wanted to learn about my camper and possibly other older vehicles as well. I still have A LOT to learn, but I believe that I am on the right track, and knowing that I did fix some stuff has me realizing that as long as you put your mind and body into it, that anything is possible.

I cannot wait until I can finish this project to completion and start on a new one. It is so rewarding when you accomplish something. I just have to keep in mind “One thing at a time.”

We have taken my camper out camping a few times, so I put together a collage of some of my friends a family members. We had such a blast. It is so much fun to actually have a camper to camp in instead of a tent!


Digital Mindfulness?!

Do we, as a society need to slow down on using technology so much? Is it affecting our everyday life? Is technology coming between our time spent with our loved ones? Is technology as useful and helpful as we portray it to be?

These are all very important questions that we need to ask ourselves! One question that I ask myself, or actually tell myself is, “When is enough, enough, on social media?” Sometimes I will sit down and start on Facebook, then realize it has been two hours and my phone is almost dead, I haven’t accomplished much of anything for the day. What if everyone just turned off social media for a whole month, or even just a week? I think back to when I was a child growing up, there was no social media, no electronics, and no internet that we could afford anyways. I remember, we would ride our bicycles all over town and we just knew it was time for supper, to come home, or the street lights are on it is time to go home for the night. We didn’t have all of this cyber bullying, and googling all of this non-sense. If we wanted to find out information or look something up, we had to go to the library and do it. Life seemed a lot simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the internet is very helpful, we have came along way in technology and being able to perform things so much easier. For example… Emails, text messages, Facebook, twitter, podcasts, etc… With all of that technology we are able to communicate with just a touch of a button. But it can be over whelming at times, especially when you open your email and have over 1,000 notifications. Just like Paul Miller stated in his TED Talk, “Just read and delete as you go, or skim through and place stars by the important ones and delete the rest.” And maybe give yourself a time limit everyday on how much digital technology you can be on. This course has taught me so many other helpful ways I could use technology in my classrooms, and to teach my students the pros and cons in the technology world!


All About Me??

Well… Here I am googling myself, which I have done before, Ya know, just to see if maybe there is something slightly interesting about yourself that just maybe you did not know. Which in all reality you really should know everything about yourself! I mean it is you right?

As I was trying so desperately to find something, anything I came up empty handed! There were a lot of “Ah hah” moments when I thought maybe I found something shocking but it only came up as a different Melody McEntee. I happened to find five different Melody McEntee’s, one in Texas, three in Maryland and one in Baltimore. And then there is me, here in Nebraska. I also found another Melody, here in North Platte but she was 46 and I’m 35. Soo… Maybe that is just a clerical error, I’m hoping anyways.

Okay, well here it is about 8 years ago, I was kind of going down the wrong track and I got caught for drinking and driving, not my proudest moment, but a moment and a part of my life that made me who I am today. It made me open my eyes and realize that I need to do something with my life. So when anyone googles my name, you will first see my mug shot. But I hope that employers can and will look past that and realize that everyone makes mistakes, it is all about how you over come those obstacles in life.

Another thing that I was kind of shocked that I did not find was my blog post’s and my twitter page. I am posting more to them than I am my facebook page, so I thought that was kind of weird. It was kind of neat to see on https://www.mylife.com, my neighborhood, which talks about the average household income and also states that there are 35 individuals in 12 households in my neighborhood. It also stated that I have three and a half stars on my page and so far four people have visited my page, I could have found out but I think it was $6.95, and I wasn’t really that eager to find out. I assume they were employers and such… I really enjoyed googling myself, but I am a pretty boring person, which I am okay with!!

Digital Citizenship!!

Digital Citizenship… Every week I learn a new definition of a word, that I have already been using in my everyday life. For example… This week is Digital Citizenship, which means basically the guidelines for responsible appropriate behavior when you are using technology. Here are 9 themes of digital citizenship… digitalcitizenship.net/Nine_Elements.html

  • Digital Access: The use and having access of technology. We need to remember that not everyone has access, therefore we as teachers will need to provide other resources.
  • Digital Commerce: Learning how to be effective consumers in the new digital economy. When buying, selling, and exchanging goods through these sites, just make sure they are legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring.
  • Digital Communication: Teaching and learning the safety of digital communication with other people. The choices of technologies are expanding across the world.
  • Digital Literacy: Being able to search, find, and learn about information right away. Learners must be taught to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.
  • Digital Etiquette: We must teach everyone to become responsible digital citizens in this new technology society.
  • Digital Law: Teaching society about the laws of identity theft, stealing, plagiarizing, adding a virus, hacking, and so on…
  • Digital Rights and responsibilities: Which means  the right to privacy, free speech etc… But also teaching the responsibility of that as well.
  • Digital Health and Wellness : Which means the protection of your eyes, stress syndrome, and sounds are something that you need to be careful while using technology. Because it can be very addicting.
  • Digital Security (self protection): By having a virus protection plan, data backups, and surge control on our technology.

“Installing ethical behavior… Ought to be our number one concern.”

(Prensky 2010)

When using, teaching, or being taught digital citizenship always remember safety first as the key before entering the technology world in today’s society!! I have learned just by having kids myself, that there are so may viruses and scammers out there, and the kids just need to remember not to click on every add out there and to not talk to people that you do not know.

This video below is a very easy and kid friendly tutorial on digital citizenship, Please check it out!



Old Clunkers Continued…

Well… Here we are again, my R.V. It is running a lot better, we took it our camping last weekend and I put better gas in it, apparently you cannot run ethanol gas in old cars, I also found that out on google (my best friend).

So anyways.. I ran regular gas in it and I also put a cleaner in it called HEAT. So that it can clean out any water residue and clean out the pipes and hoses of the ethanol gas. My Mom has been doing more interior work on the inside, which is making our camper look and feel like a mini-home. I love it!! I would rather have an old R.V. that we can say we have worked so hard on than a newer one that does not have our own personal touch to.

Oh yeah.. I also replaced the distributor cap on it, but I accidentally put the spark plugs in the wrong spot, OOPS… So we had to buy a new distributor cap and rotor because it ruined that one. But it is a learning process so now I know how to do that correctly (on my 1978 camper anyways). It’s probably different on other old vehicles in some aspect, but I would think it is sort of similar as well.

Anyways… Here are some pictures of the inside, my Mom is so talented to, I did help her a little. We put in a new floor, curtains, re-upholstered all of the furniture and painted as well.

Digital Storytelling!

Digital storytelling… Real life stories that ordinary people create using digital tools. It is a unique and fun way to explain the information that you are trying to get across to your students. It is a FUN way to get your students interested in “said” subject/assignment. And having your students design their own ds 106 helps them to better understand as well…

The way that I understood it was to give your students an assignment, like say “forensics” and then they create a short 10-12 minute story (kind of like a short movie” that explains forensics or whatever subject you choose. Here are some things that you will be learning about while creating your ds 106…

  • Develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creating self-expressions.
  • Frame a digital identity wherein you become both a practitioner in and interrogator of various new modes of networking.
  • Critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies as emergent narrative forms and genres. (http://ds106.us/about/)

You or your students will experiment in framing a narrative in telling your own story by audio, visual, writing, drawing and photography. Digital storytelling sounds so fun and adventurous, but VERY time consuming. Some advise given by students would be… (don’t hold back, be as creative as you can, time management, be adventurous, have fun, think about the whole process, you will also learn a lot of new technology and how much it can do, and last but on least, which is my favorite saying in learning about ds106 is… BE IN DS106 TO DO DS106!!


just do work